About Me

Hi, I’m Jade MacRury.

I’ll be joining you in your journey to living, thriving plants not as your leader but as your companion.

Not too long ago, I moved to Scotland where it was cold and damp most of the time. I either had to be cold but enjoy some fresh air. Or be warm and cozy but breathe in stale air. 

I couldn’t afford one of those fancy ventilation systems but I certainly could afford a few plants. So, I decided right there that I was going to grow my own fresh air. After all, how difficult could it be? 

Well! More than 10 dead plants later, I was near tears. It was definitely more difficult than I thought.

So, I did what I’m really good at: research and implement. It worked and at least two of my plants actually bloomed again. 

And that’s what you can find in this site: strategies that actually work so you don’t (accidentally) kill plants again!